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Ajuntament de Tortosa - Bítem

Clementine of Bitem

Josep Cugat Ginovart, Alcalde de Bítem


The Fair of the Clementine 2009 is being organised by the district of Bitem, part of the town of Tortosa in the Lower Ebro region.

The first Fair of the Clementina was held in October 2008 and it has been listed in the catalogue of exhibitions of the Catalonian government, which means it is known about throughout the region.

The Clementine Festival was intended to meet a key objective for the local development of our people and area:

To promote and raise awareness of the typical products of our land and boost business and tourism for the benefit of our people.

Through the cooperation of the Provincial Council of Tarragona, and the Autonomous Agency for Local Development, which drives the project Products of Local Quality (PLQ), the publication ‘La Clementina a Taula' was launched at the first fair in October 2008. This publication traces the history and tradition of the clementine and the links between the land and the fruit. It also describes the benefits of the nutrients and vitamins that we get with regular consumption of this fruit.

Our Clementine Festival is aimed at the population of the Terres de l'Ebre and potential buyers, both here and outside our region, facilitating contact with other people and foreign companies.

This fair is being held on the last weekend of October, from Friday afternoon until Sunday. The dates coincide with the beginning of harvest, especially the earliest varieties, as they are then in the best condition for storage and consumption.

What I propose is that the fair, through the participation of a large group of people, who voluntarily participate in the organization, and the institutions and shops of the village, will have a single objective:

To make the fair an opportunity for the revitalization of the activity of our people.

We hope that this year's fair will be a success with record participation and visitors, as was last year's.

Josep Cugat Ginovart
Mayor Bitem

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