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Ajuntament de Tortosa - Bítem

Clementine of Bitem

Fira de la Clementina de Bítem


Flowering: the flowering takes place between the months of March and April.

Petal fall: takes place in the months of April and May.

Fruit growth: the fruit grows between the months of April and May until October and November.

Harvest: the attached tables below indicate the different harvest times for the three varieties, starting in mid September and can last up to June.


maturarion process of clementine/tangerine


Processing: After harvesting the fruit is washed and treated with fungicide. It is dried with hot air and then is checked with an electronic gauge that classifies the fruit by size, colour and damage to the skin. After waxing the fruit it is sorted manually to remove fruit not considered suitable for packaging. Following a further sorting by size with an electronic gauge the fruit is placed into meshes that are then packed manually into boxes.

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