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Ajuntament de Tortosa - Bítem

Clementine of Bitem


Fair 9th Bitem Clementine, 14 to 16 October 2016

Friday, October 14th 2016:

18:00h. Fair opening

19:30h. Technical Seminar opened by Mr. Ferran Grau Verge, territorial services director (DARP) in Terres de l'Ebre & Mr. Josep Cugat Ginovart, President of EMD Bitem.

19:45h. Technical Seminar "The new citrus disease" by Ms. Tula Llorach Ferrer and Mrs. Sonia Ferrer Tena, technical section of agriculture and plant health (DARP).

21:00h. Closing Conference.

22:00h. The Fair dinner.

Saturday, October 15th 2016:

9:00h. The Fair breakfast. "mortar masters of oil and garlic" from Jesus, prepare a good oil and garlic to complement the breakfast. Breakfast price: 6 euros.

10:00h. Fair opening.

10:30h. Children drawing competition. Topic: The stands of the Fair.

11:30h. Receiving EMD authorities.

12:00h. Fair opening by Mr. Joaquim Nin Borreda, General Secretary of the Presidency of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

14:00h. Fair close. The Fair lunch. Reservations must be confirmed in the morning. Lunch price: 10 euros.

16:00h. Fair opening.

17:00h. Cakes competition made with tangerine. 1st prize: 200 €. The jury will be composed by school kitchen teachers from the Terres de l'Ebre, Institut Joaquim Bau. The cakes will be brought and exposed to the public.

18:30h. The McKensy Clan Band performance. A special charanga. Parade around the town and performance at the fairground.

21:30h. Fair closing.

22:00h. The Fair dinner.

Sunday October 16th 2016:

9:00h. Participants arrival at the festival of Three Tombs.

9:30h. Breakfast for all participants of the Fair.

10:00h. Fair opening.

10:30h. The Fair breakfast. Price: 6 euros.

11:30h. Three Tombs festival. The tour will be in the town. Passing all horses in front of the church to be blessed.The tour will be presided by a chariot with the image of San Antonio.

14:00h. Fair closing. Fair lunch: Reservations must be confirmed in the morning. Lunch price: 10 euros.

16:00h. Fair opening.

16:30h. Tangerine juice squeezer competition. Categories of trophies : children and adult.

17:30h. Craft workshop for all ages.

20:30h. Visit & closing the Clementina Fair by the illustrious Mr. Ferran Bel i Accensi, the Tortosa Mayor.

21:30h. Fair closure.

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